Who are these guys anyway?

And what makes them think they can tell YOU anything about the Wine Country?

San Francisco Wine for Locals Tours are operated by Extranomical Adventures, Inc. an up and coming, and at the same time, experienced tour operator in San Francisco. We’ve been hauling tourists around and showing them a good time since 2002, and even though we can handle a convention group of 500, we still specialize in smaller groups of 4 to 25. We enjoy showing off our home town and the local environs as far as Yosemite and Lake Tahoe to visitors from around the world, and it shows. We think it’s not enough to just run a drive-by tour with a narration that could have been done by a robot. We encourage our guides to display their personality and AQ (adventure quotient) so the experience of the tourist can be a little bit about education, as well as diversion and entertainment. As a San Francisco Bay Area resident, you know how beautiful it is here and how much fun it is to live here, and you may even enjoy “showing off” the Bay Area to people from around the world.

Sonoma Grapes

But how many times have you taken Highway 101 up to the wine country without really seeing it? And do you find yourself at the same wineries as the last time, because they are comfortable? Or maybe you’ve promised yourself to hit the wine country, but then you get distracted, or you sleep in and it’s too much work to decide where to go. No more excuses! Check your calendar and set your alarm - but not TOO early – this is not the Marines! We designed this tour for people who want to get out and do something different, who have wandered about in wine country before, but didn’t have time to plan ahead and ferret out the hidden gems, special events, and lesser-known winemakers that add so much color and culture to our great part of the world. You see, we’ve done the research, made the calls, set the appointments and “Operators are Standing By” for you to call us or book online and sign up for a great day out in a part of wine country you may have missed before. And you don’t need to draw straws – we ARE your group’s designated driver!

At least four times a year, we’ll plan a different tour in a different location with different activities to make it – um – different from any tour you’ve ever had before. That will really keep us on our toes! So check out our calendar, see something you like, gather your friends and fill the bus. Or just invite that special someone and get ready to make new friends on a great day exploring the back roads of our great San Francisco Bay Area’s world famous wine country. We’ll do everything in our power to make your tour an experience you’ll remember and want to repeat. We have to say good-bye to so many new friends we’ll never see again – we want to say “Hello again” to old friends like you!

We like to have fun, but we take your safety seriously.

We are fully insured and licensed by the State of California Public Utilities Commission and are regulated and inspected annually by the California Highway Patrol. (If you don’t choose us, make sure you ask the other guys!) Also, we are proud members in good standing at the San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Our drivers are carefully chosen and well-trained to make sure that they are knowledgeable, courteous and most of all, safe.

Our vehicles are kept in excellent mechanical condition by doing daily inspections and keeping a rigid maintenance schedule.

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